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Earn contribution points by making a donation to ChartHero/PathHero.
Donations of any amount are greatly appreciated to help with the costs to keep the site running.
I may also be making an iPhone app for ScoreHero score tracking/4* 5* cutoffs/chart viewing/path viewing.
The upfront cost to start this is not low enough for me to invest myself.

The following pricing scheme will be used to award contribution points (same as ScoreHero):
$1: 1 point
$5: 6 points
$10: 13 points
$20: 30 points
$50: 100 points

Note: You may donate any amount and are not limited to the above denominations
(i.e. $2 or $37 or anything else is also acceptable).
You will receive the most points possible based on your donation value.

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